Growing the Sport of American Steeplechase Racing

New race meets, owners, new trainers, and new jockeys to grow the Sport of Kings

W e had been going to the Atlanta Steeplechase since 2005 when Roger and Roxanne Plictha invited us to the Guarantor’s tent.  A fabulous time dressing up in our Spring fashion and watching the fabulous sport of jump racing. We had been introduced to the steeplechase and eventually would have our own parties inviting friends year after year.

Fast forward to May 2017, when friends contacted us to share they had seen the Atlanta Steeplechase was closing its doors.  By September of 2017, the Georgia Steeplechase had been born.   On April 7th, 2018 we had our first successful Georgia Steeplechase with a crowd of about 3500. 

We love American Steeplechase racing.  Magnum has single handily grown the sport against all odds.

Why not have more race meets in the South?  Why are there so few owners and trainers on the circuit?  In 2021, the United States Jump Racing Association was born to help grow and promote the sport of jump racing in the American South.  Magnum and its technologies and strategy are in the forefront of growing the sport.

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